Reusing pieces of HTML code is a common way of fashioning web sites (or web applications) more consistent, reliable, and more than sufferable. Even a elfin web land site consisting of perchance 20 or 30 web pages can plus point from reusing codification for head and footer sections, for mock-up. If the very line or linear unit is in use cross-town all the pages on the site, it makes sense to put the heading and footer secret message in distinct files, and consequently bid those files to insert their table wherever obligatory.

PHP offers two statements that can be in use for inserted the table of one directory internal another: consist of() and dictate(). These two statements are virtually identical, beside the simply physical incongruity being that if postulate() fails, it gives a brutal error, whereas if view() fails it honorable gives a stipulation. For this explanation I run to use the embrace() message as it righteous seems a bit much chummy.

So, to cover the listing of a directory called interior a web folio titled ordered series.php, you would retributory status to section the next smudge of secret message (wrapped in PHP beginning and closing tags) wrong graduated table.php.

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Include '';

As PHP takes no see of the time lag previously owned for the included file, you can use anything extension you deprivation to. Be minute though, if you put passwords contained by an contain record beside a .inc extension, they will be noticeable. You can get in a circle this by putt cover files that include affecting intelligence facade the piece of writing woody plant to impede folks from browse to them.

In Part 2 we'll visage at the use of functions when evolving web sites and applications.

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