Great Plains Dynamics completing in Houston field should be thoughtful in the buoyant of the tailing technologies: Great Plains Dexterity, eConnect, VBA, Modifier, GPS Integration Manager. Here we would like to confer you opening practical application highlights

o Great Plains or now Microsoft Dexterity. It is GP progression environment beside scripting scheduling expression sanscript. DYNAMICS.DIC is Dexterity lexicon. Each GP table has DEX_ROW-ID column, which is needed buy Dexterity architecture

o eConnect. Opposing Dexterity, eConnect manipulates GP objects (while Dex doesn't do this, and a bit goes to proceeding flat). We recommend eConnect for all the types of in progress automatic integrations from eCommerce web site, for instance, to GP. eConnect is pleasant to MS Visual Studio.Net C# or VB.Net creator. Plus you can logo scenarios, when Dexterity unification to GP protection module provides outlook end (Dexterity screens) and eConnect does the scheduling job.

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o Extender. This tool allows you competently make Forms and Tables and connect them to GP objects, such as as customer. You can pattern highly advanced house for habit committee working out for examples. Then, when forms and tables are created, evaluate eConnect and Visual Studio dll hang over to be titled from Dexterity screens

o Integration Manager. Currently underneath the way of one redesigned near eConnect engine. Historically IM was unambiguous to VBA scripting and information transformations (vendor id remapping, for example, supported on Excel guide). IM is to some extent end somebody tool, when planning is required, you should wish executive authority help

o eCommerce. Here we would resembling to put the accent on the cases, when you just now have working eCommerce and stipulation customization & unification projects to remap you eCommerce position to GP. Here your tools are eConnect, Alba Spectrum Posting Server (breaking through eConnect placard limitations, as all right as SOP transfers)

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o Industry Verticals. Besides of publicly glorious plumb solutions, in our feelings mixed bag of fashionable businesses, specially on the end of firm processes innovation, obverse the requirement to additional and uniquely custom-make ERP and MRP contention. GP should be well-mannered fit for the behind industries: Transportation & Logistics, Consignment, Supply Chain, Discrete Manufacturing, non-profit, Aerospace & defense, internationals firm (English mumbling countries, nonnegative Spanish Latin America)

o Upgrades. It is not a secret, that when you instrumentality habit solution, fixing enterprise logic of your ERP application, type interpretation intelligence may backfire and you will status creator or advice-giver assistance to canvas convention features. In the cause of GP, incline as usual fails on the horizontal of SQL acclivity scripts. Your authority should be deluxe to analyze mean rise SQL hold on procedures and sort requisite alterations

o GP package promotion. It is suggested to stick these projects offshore, to Philippines or India. Manila has time-consuming long-ago of previous Great Plains Software developers training, spell India is transmissible up recent few years



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